Kilronan Castle Wedding

Kilronan Castle Wedding

Gary Barrett Photography

Deirdre & Albert's Wedding

Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett Photography. Kilronan Castle is one of my top ten venues in Ireland to photograph a wedding. And if there is one piece of advice I can give couples getting married here, that is to get ready here on the morning of your wedding. The reason is that the rooms in Kilronan are second to none. They are simply stunning. And from a photographers point of view, they are amazing for photographs.Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett Photography 1

This is the wedding of Deirdre and Albert. Both got ready in Kilronan, and the results speak for themselves. Deirdre is a fantastic church singer from Achill in Co. Mayo, and Albert a fitness instructor from South Africa. So they decided they would get all the guests to travel to Kilronan Castle for the big day.Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0006

This was a brilliant wedding, one of many that I end up feeling like a guest rather than a photographer. But it helped that I knew lots of the guests, being from Mayo myself. Among the familiar faces was my good buddy Natalie O’Brien, Wedding hairstylist. It is always great to see Natalie at weddings, because not only does she do amazing work, she has everyone ready with loads of time to spare. Looking after the girls make up was Hayley McGowan. It is the first time I met Hayley,  and she is brilliant. Works fast and was great fun on the morning. The make up is perfect, and lasted all day, as you can see in the photos.Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0002Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0003

Achill Island Flowers looked after the flowers. The bouquets were a stunning spring collection of flowers. Balla Florists were on hand to make everything look perfect with the church decor. Always love to hear that Judi and the team are involved with weddings I do, as I know that the wedding will have the wow factor. Looking after the video on the day was Emma from Edithouse Video Productions. Emma is like a video ninja! She captures everything, and you never know she is there. One of the best in the business.Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0004Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0005

After dinner it was up to Playlist - Wedding band to get the crowd going, and that they did. That is the reason Playlist are on my recommended band list. Finally DJ Tommy Elliot finished off the night. I see Tommy at loads of weddings. He is hard to book, because he is so popular, so if you need a DJ, don’t leave it until it is to late to get him.

A big thank you to Deirdre & Albert for having me photograph their wedding. A truly great day.
Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0007Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0008Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0009Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0010Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0011Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0012Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0015Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0013Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0014
Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0016Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0017Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0018Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0019Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0020Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0021Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0022Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0023Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0024Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0025Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0027Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0028Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0029Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0030Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0032Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0031
Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0033Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0034Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0035Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0036Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0037Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0038Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0039Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0040Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett_0041

Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett Photography

Wedding Suppliers for this wedding:

Venue - Kilronan Castle

Hair Stylist - Natalie O'Brien

Make Up - Hayley McGowan

Videographer - Edithouse Video Productions

Florist - Achill Island Flowers

Church Decor - Balla Florists

Wedding Band - Playlist

DJ - Tommy Elliot

Invitations & Booklets - Impack Design

Kilronan Castle Wedding Gary Barrett Photography



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