Wedding Band Recommendations

I have wanted to write a post about Wedding Bands in Ireland for quiet some time, and have finally found the time to put this together.

The first reason I am writing this is because there are a lot of bands to choose from, and when a couple goes to a popular wedding supplier site, and types in Wedding bands, the results of the search are endless, and they have no idea where to start. So this list can be a starting point.

The second reason is because I work late at a lot of weddings I get to see all types of bands, and because I am working I am sober, and I am watching everything, as a result I can give a better recommendation than any guest ever could.

And the third reason I am writing this is there are three different types of bands out there. The Great, The Good and Ok

The Great Bands arrive early at your venue, set up fast, and start rocking the place before the guests get tired, or head out of the hotel for a pint down the town, and don't come back for hours. The Great have everyone on the dance floor, and keep them there all night.

The Good Bands turn up on time, but take ages to set up, and when they have finished setting up, they disappear for another half hour to get changed into their band gear. Now when I get changed it doesn't take 30 minutes, it take 5 at most. This absolutely does my head in, and you just know they are hiding somewhere so they don't have to play as long. But don't get me wrong, when they do start playing they are excellent, but just need to start turning up earlier, and offering the service couples are paying for, and expecting.

The OK, well they are just ok, and I won't waste my time on them.GaryBarrettPhoto-blog_0620

This is a list of, in my opinion, The Great Wedding Bands in Ireland. No Good, just the best.

And as a disclaimer, this is a list I have personally compiled. I recommend that you still check them out for yourself. But if it were my wedding in the morning, I would be happy with any of these bands. And just because some bands, that you may be thinking of booking, may not be on the list, it's could be because I haven't seen them in action.

Also this list is in no particular order, to be fair to everyone on the list. So have a read, check out the links to each band I have supplied. Share this post with any friend that might be getting married soon, click the like button, or simply copy the link above and send it to your mates.

I also want to state I have not been asked to add anyone to this list, I have not received any money or gifts from a band to be added to this list. I am just sick of 'OK" bands at weddings. And I just want to help my couples and others to have the best possible time at their wedding.

So here is the list of Great Wedding Bands in Ireland

And for those of you that need a DJ check out these guys.

DJ Tommy Elliot is based in the West of Ireland, and Pro Djs is in the East. And are both (again in my opinion) the best in the country, and set up at the same time as the band, so they are ready to go the second the band finish up.

Thanks again to everyone. And I as I said, please like & share this with anyone that is looking for a band.

All photography in this post is by Gary Barrett Photography.